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Tumi Magnusson, Works 2000-2011

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juni 2012

Tumi Magnússon
Works 2000 – 2011
Text: Gavin Morrison
190 sider

About Tumi Magnússon´s engagement with image, perception, meaning and a complexity to the history of painting.
There is a materialistic conviction in Magnússon´s work. His practice arose from a conceptual art and
fluxus basis but from the 1980s predominately concerned painting. And although he no longer uses that medium the work is still conversant with thatidiom. Common across the work has been the pursuit of a form of abstraction of qualities; colour, form, and size. The word abstraction maybe misleading if thought of as pertaining to colour field painting or abstract expressionism but Magnússon´s relationship to the term is more literal. he abstracts from reality, the work remains figurative, it depicts actual objects or
qualities of objects but in ways in which isolates and intensifies.
Gavi Morrison

Tumi Magnússon f. 1957 er islandsk kunstner bosiddende i København.
Proffesor på Det Kgl. Danske Kunstakademi 2005 – 2011


Tumi Magnusson




Format: 13 x 19,5
190 sider
vægt: 400 g.
text: Gavin Morrison
Grafisk Design: Åse Eg Jørgensen
Tryk: Narayana Press
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Udgivet m. støtte fra Statens Kunstråd,
Olschewski & Behm

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